dog day care Portsmouth, NH
dog day care Durham, NH

Stop by to meet the Take Five daycare staff & take a tour!

dog day care Durham, NH

Contact us or register on the customer portal to set up a socialization evaluation for your pup!

Evaluations are conducted 

Mon-Fri 10:30AM-NOON

Early drop-off is available at our boarding facility!

We ask that every dog at daycare is old enough to be fully vaccinated. 

If your pup is too young for daycare please ask us about day boarding!


Isn't that what we dog-lovers want most of all for our fur babies!? 


Viewing area to watch your pup play outdoors & indoors!

Take Five is proudly a crate-free dog day care facility!

dog day care Portsmouth, NH

The benefits of socialization for your pup are endless!

You & your pup will love being a part of

dog day care Dover, NH

Experienced, trustworthy & loving staff!

3000 square feet of indoor play space

An acre of outdoor, wooded play space divided into 6 yards

Unique, low dog-to-staff ratio

dog day care Portsmouth, NH