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Your Pups Home Away From Home

Monday - Friday 7:30 AM to 7 PM

Weekends & Holidays 10 AM to NOON & 4 PM to 6 PM 

What Makes Boarding at Take Five Unique?


Supervision Around the Clock

Our commitment to your pup's safety & well-being extends through the night where we provide dedicated coverage in our overnight room. To maintain transparency & security, we have cameras with sound monitoring in place. This level of supervision gives you peace of mind knowing they are in good hands, day & night.


Drop-Off & Pick-Up Year Round

We proudly offer a wide range of drop-off & pick-up times, ensuring convenience and flexibility for our clients, even on holidays. Knowing you have this flexibility reduces the stress of adhering to restricted drop-off & pick-up times. You can plan your pet's stay around your own timetable. 


Spacious & Comfortable Facility 

Our facility is designed with your pup's comfort in mind. We offer a spacious environment flooded with natural light, creating a welcoming & comfortable environment. We maintain temperature regulation year-round. During the winter months, we go the extra mile providing heated floors in the dog's sleeping areas.


Plenty of Time to Romp

As part of our commitment to your pup's well-being & happiness, we offer group play or woods walks at no additional charge. We ensure your dog gets regular potty breaks & playtime every 2-3 hours. These activities not only provide exercise & stimulation but allow your pup to connect with nature & have a truly enriching experience.

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Pre-Check & Pups New to Boarding

Learn more about what to bring for your pup & if a boarding introduction might be a good option for your dog

  • Proof of up to date vaccinations including Rabies & DHPP. Bordetella is strongly recommended.

  • Puppies must have had their first series of vaccinations.

  • All breeds are welcome

  • We also welcome geriatric, special needs pups & K9 aggressive dogs.

  • Oral and topical medications only.

Basic Information & Requirements 


Run View

No Cramped Enclosures


Our quarters are designed to provide your pet(s) with plenty of space to move around, stretch, and rest comfortably. We offer 41 quarters in total, 27 regular quarters measuring 11' by 4' (44 sq. ft.) & 14 large quarters measuring 15' by 4' (60 sq. ft.) To offer the utmost convenience, each quarter has a sleeping area separated by a dividing wall with an open doggy door. This design allows your pup to choose between resting or exploring as they please, ensuring they have a comfortable & enjoyable experience while in our care.


Quarters View

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Quarters Closeup

Run View

Ready to Book?

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Create an Account

Set up your Gingr account


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Fill Out Profile


Please take the time to thoroughly complete your client & pet profiles. 

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Request a Reservation


Please allow 24 hours for us to input vaccinations, then you may request a reservation through the portal.

Call or email us for an immediate booking!

Important Policies


Cancellation Policy

Effective January 1, 2023

Our cancellation policy has been put into place to avoid the scenario where people may cancel their reservation last minute, or simply don’t show up. 

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High Demand Charge

During periods of high demand, holidays, school vacations, and summer weekends (June, July & August) we have a $20-$40 non-refundable, one-time charge. You can view a list of dates on our rates sheet.

Daycare w/ Boarding

If your dog has never attended daycare with their stay a daycare trial will need to be completed. Please plan ahead and contact our staff. We are usually able to schedule a trial during your boarding stay if booked well in advance.

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