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Grooming Services

By Appointment Only at 8 AM or NOON

new facility!

Convenience Meets Comfort!

Our newly redesigned grooming facility is crafted to offer a serene space transforming what can often be a stressful experience into a moment of comfort for your pups.

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Keeping a regular grooming schedule for your pup(s) is important because it keeps their fur and skin healthy, prevents tangles and extra shedding, and helps catch any health issues early. It also makes the grooming process less stressful, keeps them comfortable, and strengthens their bond with the our groomer, Jenni!

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Inquire Today About Your Pup's Appointment

We would love to discuss your pup's needs & meet your furry family member!

Essential Info & Guidelines

Our grooming dog acceptance policy ensures that all pups meet our health and behavior standards to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

Coming Soon!

Grooming Pup Consultations, a tailored experience where we meet your pup, gain knowledge on their specific needs, and help them get comfortable in our facility!


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We want All the Details!

We're eager to learn the grooming needs for you pup. Please take a moment to lovingly detail your client and pet profiles so we can ensure the warmest welcome for your furbaby!

Take Five Dogcare Grooming Lee, NH

Request an Appointment

In a hurry? Call or email us for an immediate booking! Please allow 24 hours for us to input vaccinations, then you may request an appointment through the portal.

We're releasing our Welcome Guide soon to ensure a seamless transition as you join the Take Five family. This guide will equip you with all the essentials, making it easy to entrust us with your pet's care and guaranteeing a smooth start for both you and your pup!


Important Policies

Our cancellation policy has been put into place to avoid the scenario where people may cancel their reservation last minute, or simply don’t show up. 

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