Let's discuss your pups grooming needs!


Regular grooming maintains healthy skin & coat by reducing dirt and oils, removing loose hair to manage shedding and prevent hair from matting

Consistent nail clips keep your pup's feet comfortable and your floors scratch-free!

Periodic ear cleanings will keep ears free of excess dirt and bacteria that can cause infection

Groomers are an added defense against unwanted pests such as fleas and ticks

Groomers will inspect your pup and notice any skin irritations like hot spots or dry/oily skin, and can even spot skin changes such as lumps or cysts.

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Grooming Hours

Tuesday - Saturday 9AM-5PM  

Now offering 9AM & 1PM appointment times!

Your pup's grooming experience will be great with 

Take Five's professional groomer is trained in all-breed standards, modified pet trims, and will treat your fur baby with gentle care!