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We are passionate about creating a tight knit community through one common passion- the unconditional love we have for our four-legged friends!

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Anyone who is a dog lover understands the value held in the bond we have with our pups. The unconditional love, loyalty, and overall joy that is brought to our lives by such compassionate animals has a strong influence on what keeps us going each day with a smile. 

Five came to us from a local family friend of ours. He was born deaf, and we gladly opened our doors to him. Early in Five's life we discovered that he had a malformed vertebrae in his neck that put pressure on his spinal cord. His gait and ability to move became hampered. 

Five had a unique spirit and was a passionate dog who had a touching impact on each and every person he crossed paths with. His life was a testimony to all that a dog can give when loved and cared for by his humans. 

Our passion for dogs, what they bring to this world, how they teach us, and how they bring us together led us to opening our dream business. Take Five Dogcare is named in honor of Five.