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Dog-loving, devoted & experienced.

The Take Five Family

At Take Five Dogcare, we are passionate about creating a tight knit community by connecting through one common passion- the unconditional love we each have for our four-legged friends!

The quality of service at Take Five is like no other. Our staff goes above and beyond to ensure your pup is happy, safe, and having fun while in our care. We are transparent and honest with you because we always have the best interest of the dogs in mind.

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Our Values


The dogs are our family. We want the best for both the clients and the pups, so we have created a safe, loving & trustworthy environment.


At Take Five, we work with the clients honestly & genuinely to ensure the absolute best for your pup(s).


Sympathy, empathy and concern create meaningful connections, facilitates problem-solving, and improves well-being.


Being bonded by attitudes, values, and goals is essential to a fulfilling experience for all.  

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Meet the Take Five Family!