Our Inspiration

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Anyone who is a dog lover understands the value held in the bond we have with our pups. The unconditional love, loyalty, and overall joy that is brought to our lives by such compassionate animals has a strong influence on what keeps us going with a smile on our faces each and every day. 

Five's Story

Five's story exemplifies all of these values.

Five came to our family from a local  breeder. He was born deaf, and we gladly opened our doors to him. Through the years Five gave his best and wanted to be a part of everything. We worked with his deafness, using a field trial collar to maintain communication with him. As Five grew up, what we saw as simply an uncoordinated puppy who was learning about the world missing one major sense ended up being much more than that.

We discovered that Five had a malformed vertebrae in his neck which was putting pressure on his spinal cord. As time went on, it became apparent that his gait and ability to move were hampered. Five was never in pain, but he was unable to bend his front legs. Eventually, we rigged up a baby stroller and brought it along for him when he was tired. Five received many rides in that stroller- through the woods and down many beaches. He was always up for an adventure, and road trips were heaven for him. 

Five was a unique and passionate dog who had a touching impact on each and every person he crossed paths with. His  life was a testimony to all that a dog can give when loved and cared for by his humans. In return, our lives were forever changed by the spirit and love that Five brought into our lives. 

Our passion for dogs, what they bring to this world, how they teach us, and how they bring us together led us to opening our dream business. 

We are forever grateful for that. 

Take Five Dogcare is named in honor of Five.

Pets leave paw prints on our hearts.