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Boarding Details

Food, Meds & Supplements

Please provide clear, written instructions for any medications your pet needs during their stay, as dosages may differ from those on the medication bottle. We only administer oral and topical medications.

Bedding, Toys & Treats

We're equipped to offer your pups top-notch care, but we understand if you want to bring items from home to make their stay extra comfortable. Feel free to bring along any of your pup's favorite things!

Your Pup's First Stay

Items with your scent, like a worn t-shirt, can remind your pup of home. Also, their favorite toys will keep them engaged and mentally stimulated. These personal touches can enhance your pup's security & happiness during their stay.

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Boarding Introductions

Introducing your dog to our boarding facility with a trial visit (whether dayboarding or an overnight) is an excellent idea, and here are some reasons why it can benefit both you & your pup:

1. Familiarity & Adjustment Period: Dogs thrive on routine, and being in a new environment can be overwhelming for them. A trial visit allows them to become acquainted with our facility & our staff, making the transition to a longer stay smoother & less stressful. 

2. Separation Anxiety Relief: Some dogs can experience stress & anxiety when separated from their owners. A trial visit provides a shorter separation period, allowing your dog to learn that you will return for them, reducing their stress levels during extended stays.

3. Build Positive Associations: Positive experiences during the trial visit help your pup associate our boarding facility with feelings of safety, comfort, and even excitement! This positive association can make future, longer stays more tolerable.

Inquire Today About Your Pup's First Boarding Stay!

We would love to discuss your pups needs & determine if a trial visit should be scheduled

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