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At Take Five Dogcare we are passionate about creating a tight knit community by connecting through one common passion-

the unconditional love we each have for our four-legged friends!

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With a spacious 3,000 sq.ft indoor area and an acre of outdoor wooded space, your pup will have plenty of room to romp and play or nap as the please! We offer complete flexibility in drop-off & pick-up times, ensuring your convenience. Our knowledgeable & dedicated staff provide the best care for your pup.


With rare 24/7 staffing, your pup will receive round-the-clock attention & care. Our spacious quarters, ranging from 44 to 60 sq.ft., provide a comfortable home away from home. We enjoy morning woods walks along with regular potty breaks & playtime. Plus lots of love from our team members!

Our Services

Our groomers expertise in all-breed standards, modified pet trims, bathing, and a la carte services provides a comprehensive grooming experience. What's especially reassuring is their calm demeanor, which can go a long way in ensuring a positive grooming experience.



We work with the clients honestly & transparently to ensure the absolute best for your pup(s) & your peace of mind



This encompasses not only physical safety but also the emotional well-being of the dogs in our care



Sympathy, empathy, and concern create meaningful connections with our two- & four-legged clients



We foster a sense of togetherness by building bonds & connections, one paw at a time.

TOP 3!

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TOP 3!

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TOP 3!

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TOP 3!



Take Five wouldn't be who we are without our wonderful two- and four-legged clients! 

Thank you for trusting us and for being part of the Take Five Family 💚

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