meet the staff of take five dogcare

(And our pets of course!)

Mike Desrosiers

Mike has been in the dog daycare business for 15 years. He was daycare manager for 11 years at Great Bay Kennel in Durham, NH and we are honored to now have him as our daycare manager at Take Five Dogcare. Mike's pack leader mentality and love for dogs will establish a happy, fun, and safe environment for the dogs here at Take Five Dogcare. His own mini pack consists of his three dogs: Ophelia (a lab mix), Koda (a Siberian husky), and Annie (a hound mix).

Rene French

Rene has worked in the dog boarding industry for 20 years. Her nurturing & empathetic demeanor combined with her love for animals will create the loving atmosphere we want at the Take Five Dogcare boarding facility. We are excited to have Rene and her passion for not only the animals, but for the clients as well. Her beloved 4-legged friends are: Mina (a dachshund), Lexi (a lab mix) as well as her 2 cats Rhino & Moose.

Taryn Hentz

Business Manager

Taryn is a passionate & free-spirited individual with a real sense of adventure. She has explored quite an array of careers from landscape design to managing an independently owned coffee shop/cafe. She is thrilled to now be coming on board as the business manager for Take Five Dogcare, handling its bookkeeping, social media & community involvement. She's grateful to be a part of the start of the Take Five family and cannot wait to help it grow. Her pups Zion (a 9 year old chow/cattledog mix) & Chubbs (an 8 year old lab/golden mix) are her world and have been by her side since she was 18!

Molly Darling

Founder/Property Manager

Molly has been a self-employed builder for 35 years and wanted to retire from construction building one last beautiful space, a dogcare facility. She has an evident love for creating, as well as being part of a team that will make Take Five Dogcare a one of a kind place. Molly is excited to see the community come together through a common connection- the love we have for our dogs! Her sidekicks are Reve (a deaf, 2 year-old dalmation) & Soren (a 3 year-old great dane/black lab mix).

Robin Wunderlich

Founder/Facilities Manager

Robin has been a self-employed architect for 35 years and has clearly shown his unique talent & creativity in designing the Take Five Dogcare facility. As an observer with a passion for diverse personalities (including animals!), Robin's presence will contribute immensely to the tight knit community we want to create at Take Five Dogcare. Robin's buddies are also Reve & Soren.

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