Our Story

We started Take Five as a concept. It would be a business we could feel comfortable leaving our dogs for longer periods of time, to be able to travel in the future. It would need lots of outdoor time, large, clean, bright inside spaces with lots of natural light and people to run it who cared about dogs, loved their jobs, and worked happily together. Everyone would have a voice. 

As a self-employed building contractor and a self-employed architect for over 40 years we felt we had the skills to make this happen!

We designed and built the spaces of Take Five with the help of family, friends, our amazing subcontractors and our future managers, and opened for business in 2016. 

Through the years our staff has made the workings of our dream come true, not only for our dogs, but for all our clientele--2 footed and 4 footed.

We are endlessly grateful for all of you.

Molly & Robin